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Indie Love Book Club

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The Indie Love Book Club is a branch of the eBook Lovers Co-Op on facebook.

The ILBC focuses on indie authors and their work through hosting discussion/game events based on the book content. Authors attend daily, interacting with the readers by engaging with them in trivia style games to test their knowledge of the story. Over the course of the event the authors and readers have an opportunity to get to know each other in a way that they would not normally experience.

The events are staged on Facebook, on the eBook Lovers Co-Op page, and are run as discussion thread posts on the event page itself. Each author and I work together to run the games and promote their book, and at the end of the event, we award small prizes to the participants based on points earned for participation.

These events are a unique, combining aspects of PR, marketing, and meet-the-author events into a dynamic experience for all involved. The goal is twofold: 1) to help authors spread the word about their work and earn new followers of their work, and 2) to encourage the readers to actively assist the authors in their success by posting verifiable, valid reviews of the books, and spreading the word to their friends.

Since the ILBC’s inception in November 2012, four book events have been held, with the 5th beginning tomorrow (as of the time of this page creation). Each of the authors involved has found they enjoyed the event immensely and have recommended other authors to add their books to the calendar, which has resulted in the ILBC calendar being booked through end of May now, with more requesting to be added as I write this.

I am very proud of what the Indie Love Book Club is accomplishing, and consider it a privilege to be part of these outstanding writers’ journeys as they share their work with the world. I have made some outstanding new friends through this experience and met fellow authors that I would not normally have had the opportunity to interact with.

If you would like to check out any of the events, you can visit the eBook Lovers Co-Op page on Facebook, and just click the Events button to see the books scheduled so far.


Owner/Admin of the EBLCO and the ILBC


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