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Massive Giveaway by International Girls YA Book Club

The International Girls YA Book Club is having a massive, and I do mean massive, giveaway. There is a ton of stuff in these book bundles, and entry is as easy as clicking the rafflecopter entry button. Head on over and check it out!

Click here to go directly to the giveaway’s page – The Cover Contessa

From International Girls YA Book Club

The BIG news!! Here is one of those OMG BLOWOUT giveaways that you do not want to miss!

There will be 16 Winners! That is NOT a typo! Yes SIXTEEN!!

GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE includes the following:
*Jennifer Armentrout SIGNED copy of Deity!
*David Estes SIGNED copy of The Moon Dwellers!
*Copy of ALL shareAread titles in eBook format, including:
Author, H.D. Gordon: 6 eBooks 1 bookmark
-Alexa Montgomery Saga, 4 eBooks
-Shooting Stars
-Hand made Alexa Montgomery Saga bookmark
Author, Janelle Stalder: 3 eBooks
-The Eden Series Trilogy

You’re going to need to sit down for this one. Oh, you probably are aren’t you. 😉

We have SEVEN packages that include signed books, eBooks, and swag from seven different authors!

But are we going to stop there? NO! (She says with her right hand on her hip, left knee bent and left foot pointing out to the side).

We are also giving away SEVEN MORE package deals filled with various eBooks and swag. Each package will have three different eBooks from three different authors and one piece of swag from various authors.

So enough with the craziness D’vora, tell me how to enter! OK OK, I’ll tell you!

Just click on the link for The Cover Contessa below. That will take you right to the giveaway!

What are we celebrating to have such a great giveaway you ask? What an excellent question that is!
This is my way of saying THANK YOU to all our wonderful members of the International Girls YA Book Club family! MWAH!

I want to send a HUGE thank you to all the authors who have donated everything you will see in the giveaway. A big massive thank you to Nicole Passante over at shareAread who has been ridiculously generous and donated so many of the prizes we have for you. Including the Grand Prize! Tina Donnelly over at Reading for Fun. I love you so much! Without your help, this page would still have one like; Me! Last but certainly not least, my heartwarming loving THANK YOU to Brooke Delvecchio for allowing us to use her blog for this and all of our future fantabulous giveaways!

Good Luck Everyone!




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