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Acts of Charity (and a little happy dancing)

As most of you no doubt already know, I am active on Facebook, both as a user enjoying other people’s offerings, and as an admin of a page dedicated to indie publishing and book club dedicated to indie authors. As such, I’ve got my fingers in a buncha pies (too many to manage sometimes – I either need less pies or more fingers).

One of the projects I am currently involved in is the production of a book, the proceeds of which will go to a charity for the benefit of the families and victims of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy. The coordinators of this project have been working their tails off and, after putting the call out to the many indie authors each knows, have successfully managed to bring this noble project almost to the finish line. Which leads me to the twofold reason for this post.

The book, which is compilation of works by the many contributing authors, is close to publication now. I am hoping to begin actively assisting in the promotion of this project, so we may sell as many of these as possible when it is released, which will be very soon (official release date to be announced shortly). The book will be titled “Broken Hearts, Strong Spirits”, and will contain an assortment of poetry, short stories, essays, and prose. When it goes on sale, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity to aid the victims/families of victims of the shooting. Some of the contributing authors are quite successful, and some are still at the start of their publishing career. Which brings me to the second reason for this post.

I am one of the contributing authors, and this will be my first official publication of a piece of my fictional work. Oh, sure, I’ve had my work published before, my byline is out there on the web, scattered in places, but all that writing was work – either part of my job, or marketing pieces, or even freelance articles written for columns. None of it was my poetry or my stories, which, as any writer knows, is more personal and lives closer to home than most work does.

As such, I am finding myself a jumbled mix of proud, excited, nervous, and relieved. This might seem a bit of an overly dramatic response to this project’s impending completion, but there is a reason for my feeling these things. I’m very proud to be part of this particular project and what it hopes to accomplish; and though the reason for this work’s creation is tragic, the intention of it’s creation is both noble and heartwarming. Add into the mix that I am suffering from what every writer goes through before their personal work goes ‘live’ before the masses, and you have my brain undulating between nervous twitching and happy dancing.

So, now that I’ve gotten all that babbling off my chest and out of my head, I suppose there isn’t much else to say at the juncture, other than encourage anyone who reads this to please check out the Facebook event for this project (found at “Let’s Create a Book in Remembrance”) to be updated on the book’s publication. I would also ask that you keep your eyes posted here, on this blog, as I will surely post updates once the book goes live.

Now, I suppose I will go back to reading the last book in my current to-be-reviewed pile, while I try to get my eyes to close and my brain to go to sleep.

Toodles, folks! See ya all on the flip side 🙂

~ G ~


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