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Interesting Articles Worth Reading – Dec 31

Here’s some interesting reads I found worth checking out 🙂

I Wrote a Book – But It Won’t Sell
by Derek Haines
(author of The Vandal)

One of the most frequent questions I receive is from newly self published authors asking why their book isn’t selling. While there are a thousand reasons why a book doesn’t sell, there is one fact that many newly self published authors often fail to realise…”


Resolutely Writing in the New Year
by Die Booth
(author of Re-Vamp)

It’s that time of year again – the Resolutions time. The time when writers everywhere – regardless of experience – start to make those bullet-pointed to-do lists for the new year. I’m making mine now (right here, in this blog post!) so let me share it with you…”


5 Women Writers Tougher than Hemingway
by Scott Beauchamp

“I’ve written before about the myth of Papa Hemingway’s toughness. Not that he wasn’t tough, anyone who visits war zones, has adventures, and plays dangerous sports is tough. But it’s such a narrow, hetero-normative (excuse the jargon) kind of toughness. It’s a little too on the nose, a little too cookie-cutter…”

Top 10 Things Successful People Do to Reach Their Dreams
by Chad Howse

“… often these practices improve our productivity and make our lives better as a result. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s not about what successful people do, but what they did…”

Improve Your Own Book Event by Attending Other Author’s Launches
by Debbie Young
(journalist/PR professional)

“… it’s a good idea to attend as many as you can of other authors’ public appearances. Even those working in a completely different genre from yours will be able to give you ideas of …”


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This entry was posted on January 1, 2013 by in Interesting Articles.

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